Оригиналы рассказов Брэдбери

Afterword: Make Haste To Live, 1996

All Summer in a Day, 1959

Almost the End of the World, 1957

And the Moon be Still as Bright (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

Another Fine Mess, 1995

The April Witch, 1952

At the End of the Ninth Year, 1995

The Best of All Possible Worlds, 1963

Bright Phoenix, 1963

Bug, 1996

Christus Apollo, ?

The Cistern, 1947

The Crowd, 1943

Dandelion Wine (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Dark They were, And Golden Eyed (The Naming of Names), 1949

Darling Adolf, 1976

The Day it Rained Forever, 1959

Death and the Maiden, 1960

The Dog in the Red Bandana, 2010

Doodad, 1943

Dorian In Excelsis, 1996

The Dragon, 1955

The Dragon Who Ate His Tail, 2007

The Dwarf, 1953

The Earth Men (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Electrocution, 1946

The Emissary, 1947

The End of the Beginning, 1956

Exchange, 1996

The Exiles, 1949

Exorcism (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Fever Dream, 1948

The Finnegan, 1996

First Day, 2002

The Flying Machine, 1953

The Fog Horn, 1951

The Fox and the Forest, 1950

Free Dirt, 1996

G.B.S. - Mark V, 1976

G.B.S.: Refurbishing the Tin Woodman: Science Fiction with a Heart, a Brain, and the Nerve! (essay), 1997

The Garbage Collector, 1953

The Ghost in the Machine, 1996

The Golden Apples of the Sun, 1953

The Golden Kite, The Silver Wind, 1953

Good-by Grandma (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

The Great Collision of Monday Last (из "Зелёные тени, белый кит"), ?

Green Wine for Dreaming (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Hail and Farewell, 1953

The Happiness Machine (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Heart Transplant, 1981

Henry the Ninth, 1969

Here There Be Tygers, 1951

The Homecoming, 1946

Hopscotch, 1978

I See You Never, 1947

I Sing the Body Electric!, 1969

Illumination (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

In a Season of Calm Weather, 1957

Interim (Time Intervening), 1947

Invisible Boy, 1945

Is That You, Herb?, 1942

Jack-In-The-Box, 1947

The Jar, 1944

Juggernaut, 2008

Kaleidoscope, 1949

The Lake, 1944

Last Rites, 1994

The Library, 1947

The Little Mice, 1955

Long After Midnight, 1963

The Long Years (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Machineries of Joy, 1960

The Man Upstairs, 1947

Marionettes, Inc., 1949

The Messiah, 1971

The Million-Year Picnic (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Miracles of Jamie, 1946

The Murderer, 1953

The Next in Line, 1947

Night Meeting (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

No News, or What Killed the Dog?, 1994

The October Game, 1948

The Off Season (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

Once More, Legato, 1995

The One Who Waits, 1949

The Other Highway, 1994

The Pedestrian, 1951

Pendulum (co-authored with Henry Hasse), 1941

Perchance to Dream (Asleep in Armageddon), 1948

Prologue: The Illustrated Man, 1951

The Pumpernickel, 1951

Quicker Than The Eye, 1996

Remember Sascha?, 1996

The Rocket, 1950

The Rocket Man, 1951

A Scent of Sarsaparilla, 1958

The Scythe, 1943

Season of Disbelief (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

The Silent Towns (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

Skeleton, 1945

Skeleton (2), 1944

The Small Assassin, 1946

The Smile, 1952

The Sound of Summer Running (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

A Sound of Thunder, 1952

Statues (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

A Story of Love, 1951

The Swan (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Tête-à-Tête, 2002

That Woman on the Lawn, 1996

There Was an Old Woman, 1944

There Will Come Soft Rains (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Third Expedition (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Time Machine (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Tomorrow's Child, 1948

Touched with Fire, 1954

The Town Where No One Got Off, 1958

The Trolley (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

Tyrannosaurus Rex, 1962

Uncle Einar, 1947

Unterderseaboat Doktor, 1994

Usher II (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

The Veldt, 1950

The Very Gentle Murders, 1994

The Visit, 2008

The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse, 1954

Way in the Middle of the Air, ?

We Are the Carpenters of an Invisible Cathedral (poem), 1990

The Whole Town's Sleeping (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

The Wilderness, 1952

The Wind, 1943

The Window (из "Вина из одуванчиков"), ?

The Witch Door, 1995

The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone, 1954

The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit, 1958

Ylla (из "Марсианских хроник"), ?

Zaharoff/Richter Mark V, 1996