Stories by Ray Bradbury. The full list


Dark Carnival, 1947

The Illustrated Man, 1951

The Golden Apples of the Sun, 1953

The October Country, 1955

A Medicine For Melancholy, 1959

R Is For Rocket, 1962

The Machineries of Joy, 1964

The Vintage Bradbury, 1965

S Is For Space, 1966

I Sing the Body Electric, 1969

Long After Midnight, 1976

The Stories of Ray Bradbury, 1980

Истории о динозаврах, 1983

A Memory of Murder, 1984

The Toynbee Convector, 1988

Quicker Than The Eye, 1996

Driving Blind, 1997

One More for the Road, 2002

Bradbury Stories: 100 of His Most Celebrated Tales, 2003

The Cat's Pajamas, 2004

Summer Morning, Summer Night, 2007

Masks, 2008

We'll always have Paris, 2009

Сборник редких рассказов, 2009

We Are the Carpenters of an Invisible Cathedral, 2016

Механический Хэппи-Лэнд, 2019


Comments to the story “The Laurel and Hardy Love Affair”

by Joe Bob

One of the sadest love stories ever.

Oct 03, 2009

by Daniel C

I love that story. Brought tears in my eyes 20 years ago and again today.

Nov 02, 2009

by Katelyn Parrish

im doing this peice with a very good friend in speech and debate ^_^ hoping to win 1st place

Sep 18, 2010

by Arturo Bandini

Questo racconto ? un capolavoro. Un sogno che mi accompagner? per sempre.

This story is a masterpiece. A dream that will stay with me forever.

Nov 05, 2010

by Mich?le J.

I was and still am impressed how this short little story can evoke such a massive wave of emotions, thoughts and comparable memories.
Thank you for the beauty Jay!

Mar 19, 2011

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