Рассказы Рэя Брэдбери




Bang! You're Dead!, 1944

Banshee, 1984

Beasts, 2002

The Beautiful Lady, 2007

The Beautiful Shave, 1977

The Beggar on O'Connell Bridge, 1961

Besides a Dinosaur, Whatta Ya Wanna Be When You Grow Up?, 1983

The Best of All Possible Worlds, 1963

The Better Part of Wisdom, 1975

The Big Black and White Game, 1945

The Black Ferris, 1948

A Blade of Grass, 1949

Bless Me, Father, for I Have Sinned, 1984

The Blue Bottle, 1950

Bonfire, 1950

Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in Your Cellar! (Come into My Cellar), 1962

Bright Phoenix, 1963

Bug, 1996

Bullet with a Name, 1953

The Burning Man, 1975

By the Numbers!, 1984